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Re: New Orleans info

Hi Doug,

I took a two wheeled trip to Louisiana in October and spent one night in New 
Orleans.  I stayed at the Sleep Inn at 334 O'Keefe Ave; (504)524-5400 and had 
a very good experience.  The hotel is located within easy walking distance(10 
minutes) of the French Quarter and has gated outside parking with TV 
surveillance. When the concierge/security person realized I was on a bike he 
made sure that I got a parking spot with good camera coverage and a room on 
the side of the building overlooking the parking area.  When I inquired, he 
recommended a nice restaurant nearby, informed me he was working all night 
and would keep an eye on my bike!  For additional insurance, and frankly 
because I felt I was getting excellent service, I tipped him handsomly.  :)

Cost of the room was $129.00 + 19.00 for parking per night.  I just showed up 
at the last minute without a reservation(not recommended) and feel I was 
fortunate to get a room.

I'm posting this response to the list because I have a couple of additional 
comments on bike security while touring I want to share.  Three things I 
always do that have thus far been successful are:

1)  use a half-cover while parked at night(keeps nosy people, kids, etc. away 
from bike);  I use and recommend the EZ Touring;  it is light, waterproof and 
packs very small - usual disclaimers apply

2)  attach a disc lock(will discourage casual theft, but not a determined or 
professional thief)

3)  don't worry about what I can't control;  I know I've taken reasonable 
precautions, but I realize they might not be enough and my bike might get 
stolen/vandalized anyway(that's what my insurance is for); so I don't worry 
unnecessarily and enjoy my trip!! 

Good luck Doug!  If you have any other questions please ping me off-line.


David Godfrey,  N.E. Ohio
00 R1150 GS   


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