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RE: My cross-eyed bike


>No, as it says in the latest Department of Transport leaflet, "the law
>requires that speedometers must include a miles-per-hour display.  Any
>modified display must be visible in daylight and in darkness" 

Okay, that sounds pretty clear to me! 
Would that apply only to bikes or to all motorised road vehicles?

>Funny thing is that the km/h figures on my shiny new mph speedo aren't
>readable in the darkness, although the mph are, so my bike is probably now
>illegal in Germany

I won't tell anybody...

>good thing we're on the ferry to the UK tomorrow!

Well for the time of year you're very lucky with the weather. Enjoy your

>As for the added value, look at the second hand prices and you'll see that
>good condition low mileage one-year-old ST is worth more in the UK than it
>cost new in Germany!  Pity mine is now highish mileage and covered in

You are thinking of selling it? =:-O
Actually I wasn't thinking so much in terms of pounds and pence as fun!


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