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Re: Can't help but reckon these 'bars aint straight!

Paul at 14:01 01/12/00 +1000, you wrote:

>All week I've been trying to work out if my handlebars are slightly right
>bar down, or it's just an illusion caused by the (apparently) very slightly
>offset (to the left) speedo on the Triumph.
>The bike has not been down, it's 2000km old, I mentioned it to the dealer
>who claimed that the mechanic looked at it and it's all okay.

Yup... Same on mine. So that's two paranoid people on the list. Didn't 
notice it at first as I was probably bubbling with excitement at getting 
the bike, however I soon started to get the same impression as yourself. I 
just live with it!!

Keith W Peters
Wrexham. UK

"Cymraeg Dawg & Long Tail (00 Blue ST)"

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