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Re: Heated Grips Survey Results

 > They do work better with lighter gloves, though.  I think the best 
 > all-weather solution would be the heated grips, "elephant hands" to shield 
 > from wind, and relatively light armored riding gloves.  Thick gloves 

i can vouch for this setup.  i have heated gloves, heated grips, and
hippo hands (for my VX, not the RS).  the best combination by far for
really cold riding (below freezing) is the heated grips and hippo
hands.  great convenience, and great wind and weather protection.  the
hippo hands keep all sorts of air from going up your sleeves, as well
as eliminating the wiring harness from the gloves.  in really cold
weather, heated grips just don't cut it.  (for me -- i get cold
relatively easily.)

(on the RS i only have the gloves, since i haven't hooked up grips yet.
but since i'll be winterizing it soon, that's not such a big deal.)

  paul fox, pgf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (arlington, ma, where it's 30.0 degrees)
  'oh-oh Sprint RS, '91 VX800, DoD #1462, AMA #545601

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