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Re: Motorcyclist magazine

Hey Marc how about a tire test.. but with a twist, why not test for 
WET traction that's the one thing everyone always wonders  " how good 
are they in the rain"  So the question is HOW to test wet traction. 
Well it's of course easy with a car, one doesn't need to worry about 
So I was thinking what about hooking up with Keith Code? He has that 
slide machine at his school ya know those out-riggers for learning 
about lean angle. Anyway why not get a bunch of the top sport touring 
tires ( Metzeler , Pirelli, Dunlop etc) mount them up to a bike with 
the out-riggers, wet down a big old patch of asphalt and using a G 
force meter see which ones stick the best and give the best feedback 
on when and how they'll break loose in the wet. as an aside if you 
did the testing at the Code school you could also get an article on 
his school..


>As for running out of ideas, that's a good one. Believe me, we have the
>debate all the time. Do we commit the usual road test/road test/road
>test/comparo/road test....blah blah blah. Or do we try to do something
>different and more thought-provoking?

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