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Re: Motorcyclist magazine

Previously, you (Erik Miner) wrote:
> So I was thinking what about hooking up with Keith Code? He has that 
> slide machine at his school ya know those out-riggers for learning 
> about lean angle. Anyway why not get a bunch of the top sport touring 
> tires ( Metzeler , Pirelli, Dunlop etc) mount them up to a bike with 
> the out-riggers, wet down a big old patch of asphalt and using a G 
> force meter see which ones stick the best and give the best feedback 
> on when and how they'll break loose in the wet. as an aside if you 
> did the testing at the Code school you could also get an article on 
> his school..

First magazine to publish this article will get a one-year subscription
from me.  This is an idea which is too good to miss, and long overdue!

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Bill "Bench Dawg" Flowers
Clearwater FL
'00 Sapphire Blue ST "Jewel"

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