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Re: Motorcyclist magazine

Previously, you (Marc Cook) wrote:
> ... Or do we try to do something
> different and more thought-provoking?

You can all be pleased with yourself.  If the comments on this list are
anything to judge by (and they probably are) you succeeding in the
"though-provoking" category.

Clearly winter has set in and bikes are being put away.  I've noticed an
upswing in controversy and a downturn in post-ride reports.

Me, I took a late-night sprint (pun very much intended) across Tampa
Bay to help retrieve a forgotten purse.  Really, I didn't exceed the
speed limit by more than a factor of 2 at any time.  ;-) (The scary part
was I was just going with the flow of the cages.)

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Bill "Bench Dawg" Flowers
Clearwater FL
'00 Sapphire Blue ST "Jewel"

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