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Re: Motorcyclist magazine

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Jim_Karl_Gagn=E9?= wrote:

> > If I where king, in the article it would feature, a ZX9r, as it is
> > one of the most civil open class bike ever made. And of course the
> > Sprint ST.
> now that would've been an article, a ZX-11, a ZX-9,a ZX-6,a EX 500.......all
> being beaten by a TRIUMPH ST.   WOW !?!     8^)

Ouch, thats cold. As far as the ZX11, ZX6e and EX500, they are at
least 6 or 7 year old technology and desgin, for their age, not
bad.  If you update the 11 (bit on the brakes, seat, bar raisers
and of course maybe a bit of suspension work), it works very vrey

Now the modern day ZX9r and ZX6r, they are tough to compete against,
my 9r (with 1mm shims under the needles) pulled very competatively
to the ST under 5,000 rpm, after 5,000, 'nuff said. So between the
9r and ST would see the ST win ergos (not by much) and hard luggage,
the 9r would win in all handling and in all the speed columns.

Of course, as for me, love both bikes, being a larger person I need
the better ergos on the ST, and of course the 9r was going to get
me thrown in jail.


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