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re: Can't help but reckon these 'bars aint straight!

>  >> All week I've been trying to work out if my handlebars are slightly right
>  >> bar down, or it's just an illusion caused by the (apparently) very
>  >> offset (to the left) speedo on the Triumph.

	It could be just an effect of eye dominance. Since you're probably
looking at your bars while on the bike, you're very close to them from a
parallax perspective and they will appear slightly different to each eye.
Whichever of your eyes is dominant is what your brain will "see". Try looking
at it with only your right eye, then only the left, and see how it looks
different. Try not to to this while lane-splitting, of course.


	"Jedi Dawg"  Jim Huber
	'00 blue Sprint ST  "Rhiannon"
	'01 red SV650S  'unnamed'
	Spring, Texas, USA

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