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RE: Motorcyclist magazine

	<<So what are the majority of Sprint ST's out there without the
	very expensive) panniers ?
	I guess that means I've got a slow but comfortable sports bike using
	Surely the ST & VFR are more logical competitors

	Good points, although I certainly did not say the ST was slow - it
is anything but.  If price were a consideration and hard bags were out of my
reach, then I would have looked hard at the VFR - because it is a great bike
(Honda quality of design and manufacture continue to impress me) or perhaps
a ZX9 or 929. That said, my 2-cent opinion is that the "Tourer" part of
"Sport Tourer" should show up in design intent.  Right now, the BMW RS
bikes, Buell, Ducati and Triumph seem to be the only manufacturers offering
this design intent in their line up.  

	Bill Findiesen


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