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Re: for Marc - sports-tourer

> Am eagerly awaiting my new Bonneville sports-tourer and wonder if
>anyone has seen any on the ground here in the colonies (U.S.) yet?

Well if I had x-ray vision I would have seen one. Just before my move to
Ferndale I stopped in to Cal BMW/Triumph and the Triumph truck & trailer
was being stored in their lot after its appearance at the motorcycle show
in San Mateo. They were supposed to leave the keys at the shop to the
trailer, but they didn't.  Eli, Kari and the rest of the gang were
literally drooling waiting for the rep to return with the keys. I did hear
a few mentions of breaking and entering being wispered around the shop.
They all wanted to get a peak at the bonny that was in the trailer.

The trailer has a nice picture of the bonny on the back now, but I guess
that only further tempted them.

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