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Re: high sided my ST

At 07:25 AM 12/2/00 -0800, D. Elmo wrote:
>   I, unfortunately, high sided my ST last night.  Stupidly, I
>think I just gave it too much throttle for cold tires and spun
>the back tire turning out of a parking lot which caused me to
>spin around backwards and then falling off.

Ouch - Its amazing how just a few seconds of hooliganism can catch up with 
you quickly.

>I thought that was all.  Now, however, the engine won't turn
>over correctly.  You can hear the starter engage and try to turn
>over, but it just won't continue to crank.  Does anyone know why
>this could be?  I am going to take the body work off this
>afternoon and have a look inside, hopefully finding out more.
>Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Did it turn over at all after the accident ? If not you may have a 
hydrostatic lock. The easiest way to fix this is to pull the plugs (you'll 
need to pull the tank) and roll the bike while in gear. With the plugs out, 
you should be able to move it easily and remove the lock. Be sure to check 
your oil level before starting it back up.

- - Eric

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