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Re: Fogging Spec's

Please be careful as Foggy Face Masks are not the same as Fog City (Totally
different concept as a fog city is a transparent film that sticks to the
inside of your visor and doesn't help spectacle wearers, I found it made my
situation much worse).  You can e-mail MPS on info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with
your requirement (Part Number for the Foggy Face Mask is MA-FFM, UK price
9.99 STG) and they will reply with a quote to your door, before you make an


I have checked out the manufacturer's web site www.respro.com to see if they
have a local stockist or supplier but no information there or mention of the
foggy mask.

Good Luck
Phil Guy

Does anyone know where to find such a "FOGGY" Face Mask in the SF Bay area
or on the Internet? It's becoming a real safety hazard for me, not just an
inconvenience . . . like going into a corner and having your shield go
semi-opaque. Any other solutions (besides spitting into my helmet)?  ;-)


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