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Re: Heat from engine

 > 1.	Is there an archive of messages on the web page? I did not find it. 

there's a link from the "Mailing List" page, to:

 > 3.	What do people recommend for heated vests? (yep, talking about too

my wife and i have Widder vests, that have served us reliably for 5 years.
i've heard the riderwearhouse unobtanium vest is good too.  there's a new
vest design from http://www.gr8designs.com/ that's supposed to be good too.
no wires, maybe more reliable.

 > 5.	Has anyone fitted a GPS unit? I have seen articles in Motorcycle

i've probably ridden about 10000 miles with my GPS-III custom mounted to
the top of my tankbag.  it's great.  the III+ would allow me to download
more detailed maps, but i don't think it will accept enough at one shot
to be _really_ useful -- it doesn't have enough memory.  but i find the
basemap (the same in the III and III+) to be very adequate for general
navigation.  it has enough main roads and landmarks that between it and
a paper map you can tell pretty much where you are, and which way to
turn at that unexpected intersection in the middle of nowhere.  i power
mine directly from the bike.

 > 6.	I am getting the 3-bag set up (saddle and trunk). Has anyone also
 > used the tank bag? I figure that if I get the GPS, I don't need the map
 > holder on the top of the tank bag. 

a GPS is in no way a replacement for a paper map.  you need both.  (everyone
i've talked to agrees.)  besides, there are other things to put in the
map pocket -- route sheets, directions, etc.

  paul fox, pgf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (arlington, ma, where it's 41.0 degrees)

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