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Fuel Gage

Hi there STers

I just had Orange County Triumph do the 12K service on Big Red.  They also
installed heated grips.  I dont know how I got along without them-they are
great!  They changed all the fluids, and filters, and fork seals, as one was
leaking.  They do great work there, and made it easy for me.  I live in
Bakersfield, which is 145m away.  Mickey loaned me their 2000 TBird, which I
rode home, and returned on it a couple of days later, nice bike, but no
Sprint ST. The TBird got 34mpgs!
Fuel sender problems.  A few weeks ago I had a fuel system leak (I smelled
gas-but no puddle)
so I took it to Orange County Triumph.  Eric looked at it, and changed the
sender, although it wasnt leaking.  He then discovered a leak in the quick
disconnect fuel line.  They replaced the fuel line and the qd fitting under
warranty.  Well-thats when my troubles began with the rascally gage.  I left
OCT, gassed up and rode the 145 m home, and it still registered full.
So when I had the 12K service, I complained about the gage not working.
They changed the stuff inside the tank, back to my original float etc.  It
worked great on the bench.  Well, now its worse, full all the time.  Mickey
says Triumph is having a real problem with fuel senders.  The original batch
leaked.  (mine didnt) Triumph sued the supplier, who provided non leaking
replacements.  They dont work well however-so Triumph is scratching its head
to come up with a soultion.  I wonder, however, if the new sender is
compatable with my gage.  Big Red is a 99 model, fairly early in the
production run.  The gage worked ok, not great, until the warranty
replacement of the fuel gage sender.  Has anyone else actually had their
fuel gage FIXED?  If so, what exactly was done to make it work.  I realize
no mc gage will work really good, but my original worked ok.  It was fairly
accurate, registering half full when half full, etc.  Oh yeah, my ride home
from OCT netted 43 mpg, when Big Red previously got 50.  Is it the winter
gas?  Nothing else has changed.

See Ya

Burt Barrett
&Big Red

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