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RE: About the bike

Nay my Lord Nay, for you are beholden to the mighty Electric starter of
Nippondense, or perhaps even the holy pushbutton of Hitachi. For when
you walk in the valley of imports you shall fear no evil, as lucas is
not your guide nor light. The heavens sing the praises of Yashua and
Diehard, and eschew the likeness of Lucas and his ilk.

He that cameth before mandated the most holy of multi-viscous lubricants
and jellys. But the lubricious KY dwelleth not here, the likes of Quaker
State doeth the job most satisfactorly.  To fan the internal fires of
combustion, one only needeth a mild understanding of the techniques of
worship and ultimate realization of Diety involved as the NGK lords
conduct the spark of engine-uity to its rightful place amongst the
cylinders and valves of worship.

I do say most verily to you my Brother, the gods may well have smiled
upon thee and thy ilk, yet again as you fingers stroke the cords of the
most delicate of instruments, so shall they stroke and caress and feed
unto this mighty beast of  aluminium and steel its due.

The short answer is nope no kickstarter.... But I may have found a Honda
4 rigid frame!!! chopper madness!?? we'll see ...


ps We're looking forward to seeing y'all soon

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