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Re: Tools - Good Brand Names

At 09:27 PM 12/10/00 -0500, Ken Mitchell wrote:
>As far as I'm concerned, the best tools available in the US are the Snap-On
>brand, bar none.

There are many better - it is just a matter of how much you are willing to 

>I borrowed a Craftsman "Microtorque" torque wrench from a neighbor. It
>snapped the head clean off, just before reaching the preset torque of
>105lbs/ft, some 45 lower than the max setting. Nuts.

More than likely, your neighbor, like a lot of people that fail to read 
instructions, left the wrench stored in a set condition. Torque wrenches 
should be stored set in the bottom 15% of its range. If they are not, 
situations like you describe are common. Also, Sears torque wrenches are at 
the low end of the $$$ scale. Comparing a $39 sears wrench to a $300 
snap-on will surely lead to different results.

>Off to Sears. Hey, it's a Craftsman, they'll give me a new one. Nope. No
>way, no how. The clerk, then the department manager both said they don't
>warrantee torque wrenches. Huh? It says "Craftsman", it's covered, right?
>No, not torque wrenches. How convenient.  :(

Most torque wrenches are not warranted for calibration (although some offer 
free calibration services). Nearly all torque wrenches require calibration 
- - the last time I had mine done, they ran about $15 each. A friend of mine 
that works at the cape is required to calibrate his tools weekly, and he is 
not using a cheap tool.....

Also, because an item says Craftsman, it does not mean that the item has a 
lifetime warranty.

>So I tried to pay for a new one, but (at the time, no longer true I think)
>they would ONLY take a Sears or Discover credit card, and I didn't have $150

They starting taking Visa/MC in 1990 - been a while since you've been in, 
eh ? ;-)

- - Eric

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