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Re: Gearbox Stiffness

 > Thanks for the feedback, the supplier gave me almost the same advice when I
 > did the 500 mile service yesterday. He also told me that the recommended
 > break in period for the engine/gearbox is scrap. My engine also eats oil and
 > puff a fair bit of smoke when I change gears. 
 > The reason for this is that (according to the local expert) the rings don't
 > seat properly under the recommended break in procedure, he filled the bike
 > with cheap mineral oil and advised me to drive it as hard I can for 600
 > miles and then only start using the recommended synthetic oil. He personally
 > owns a Daytona with 4K miles and the bike is awesome and hasn't used a drop
 > of oil since serviced. He used the above mentioned method on his Daytona
 > (exact same engine as the sprint). The theory is that with Mobil 1 the
 > protection during break-in is too good and with the modern plated sleeves

um, the triumph break-on procedure _does_ call for mineral oil during
breakin -- it's a separate product:  "running in oil".  if your dealer
put synth in for the initial oil, then you definitely have a problem.

  paul fox, pgf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (arlington, ma, where it's 14.0 degrees)
  'oh-oh Sprint RS, '91 VX800, DoD #1462, AMA #545601

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