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Bummer, my RS won't start

Couldn't go for a ride today because my RS wouldn't start :-(.
Cranks over strong; the battery was fully charged.   Tried 
starting with no throttle, starting with some throttle, cranking 
with the throttle wide open; not a pop.  Spaced out my various 
trys throughout the day.

The bike's been under a cover in the cold and the rain for 
three weeks.  Once before when the bike was cold and wet 
and hadn't been ridden for a while it wouldn't start.  I tried 
to bump start it and wound up down the hill at a neighbors.  
I figured I'd have to leave it there.  But after sitting in the sun 
for 15 minutes while I chatted with my neighbor, lo and behold, 
it started right up and ran perfectly for weeks thereafter.

The bike has also taken a lot more cranking than usual to start
on other occasions when it hasn't been ridden.  But usually it's
a matter of cranking for 15 seconds instead of for a few seconds.
Today I cranked for as long as 30 seconds with no luck.

I suspect that something inside gets stuck (or maybe just damp.)  
I've taken the bike out of it's cover and will set it in the sun 
tommorrow and see if that helps.

I've gotten the engine very wet while washing the bike and that 
never kept it from starting right up.  So I'd guess that cold affects
it more than wet.  But the bottom line is I just don't know.

Anyone else had this kind of experience with their RS?  Any ideas 
for stuff I should try?

- -Don Draper Jr.  "Blue Dawg"

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