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Captain, she's out of control.....

I have received several emails off list wondering why I singled out Mike.

After this thread got going, I knew it was going to be trouble and asked 
that everyone stop the posting of the subject to the list. In addition to 
sending it to the list, I sent it individually to those that had been 
involved in the thread to that point. Of all the recipients, only Mike 
continued to post. I then sent another email to the list requesting that 
everyone stop, but forgot to generate the digest, so the only people that 
saw the request were those on the immediate delivery method. Once I saw a 
couple more posts come in from new sources, I created the digest and sent 
it off. From that point, I deleted all posts to the digest on this thread 
(those on immediate delivery continue to see the posts). In hind sight I 
should have deleted the two messages in digest #666, but I was really 
trying to stay out of a censorship role.....

Mike's post was not singled out because of his view - only because he 
continued to post on the subject when I asked him not to.

And in case there is any question - my bias if definitely pro-police - if 
anyone wants to debate the issue with me, please feel free to do so off-list.

Again, for those that stayed out of this whole mess - I thank you for your 
continued patience.

- - Eric


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