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Re: No Triumph content, but a little fun.

In your message regarding No Triumph content, but a little fun. dated Mon,
18 Dec 2000 04:52:24 -0500, Steve Lawler said that ...

>SL-  I have reason to believe that there are many balding, middle-aged guys
>SL-  on this list. Am I wrong?

Can you make that overweight, balding, middle-aged guys?

>SL-  Now I don't like spoiling the ends of movies for people that have not
>SL-  seen them yet so if you haven't seen "Unbreakable" yet and fully intend
>SL-  to, read no "furthur."(A tip of the hat to Dean Moriarty.)

I look forward to seeing it :-)

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Mike Bostock

Red '99 ST

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