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Re: No Triumph content, but a little fun.

Previously, you (Steve Lawler) wrote:
> I have reason to believe that there are many balding, middle-aged guys
> on this list. Am I wrong?

At 43 I don't yet consider myself middle-aged.  Last night SWMBO and I
worked a concession booth (volunteer labor to raise money for our
daughter's synchronized swimming) at the Limp Bizkit concert.  We were
carding everyone ordering beer.  Many people our age and even younger
looked older.  It was hilarious to hear younger guys hitting on my wife
only to have her inform them that she was 10 years older than they! :-)

You're only as old as you feel.  According to SWMBO I don't feel that
old yet.  ;-)

> Now I don't like spoiling the ends of movies for people that have not
> seen them yet so if you haven't seen "Unbreakable" yet and fully intend
> to, read no "furthur."(A tip of the hat to Dean Moriarty.)

I'm looking forward to seeing this.  In fact, there are a number of
movies that I hope to get to this season.  A good year for movie goers.

OB Triumph content: are there any currently showing with Triumphs in them?

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