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Re: New file uploaded

>    Looked at "ferndale.jpg". So where are the ferns?

When Ferndale was settled in the early 1860s, the valley floor was covered
in ferns. Since then they have been replaced by pastures for dairy cows. I
do need to make a mental note of watching out for cow patties and deer in
the road, something that wasn't a big problem riding in San Jose.

On yesterday's ride, I came across a deer crossing the road so I slowed
down knowing that there would probably be more. Sure enough two more jumped
out and crossed. Thinking that was the end of the train I started picking
up speed again, and was surprised when the caboose jumped out in front of
me. Every day I pass at least one deer carcass by the side of the road.
Seems like that should be the first lesson Bambi gets from mom, "Stay away
from the roads!".

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