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Re: Failure to idle....

> Well, I too experienced the dreaded "no idle" fault

> In all the efforts to try to get and keep the engine
> started, I never cycled power with the ignition key.

> Sure enough, Monday evening after work, resetting the ECM
> did the trick. And the ride this morning was great!
> A call to my dealer is the order of the morning to
> see if they have any knowledge of the cause....


if you're lucky you might get some admission from a dealer that the symptoms
have been reported by more than one owner, but I doubt very much that you'll
get any more than a shrug as to what causes the problem

the solution has been well documented and, as far as I can tell, it works
all the time (assuming of course that we're all talking about the same

thankfully it doesn't happen very often and in most cases it disappears
altogether over time (perhaps after break-in and initial service, or after a
download of the latest tune)

in my own case I experienced the problem two or three times during the first
several months of new ownership, and it hasn't recurred since


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