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Re: balding, middle-aged guys

>"Eric Drayer" <ejdrayercpa@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I think its time to start a sub sect of ST owners.  Requirements should
> Age    40+
>        Hair   Going Fast
>        Weight 200+

I'm not sure if it was a late 40th birthday present, or an early Christmas
present, but just to prove I'm not old (even though, statistically, I am
middle aged), I went out yesterday and added a few vehicles to the garage.
(see list on sig) I needed a dirt bike or an ATV in the back of the pickup
to feel like one of the locals and many of the roads around here are more
suited for a DP bike like the KLR. The dog has still not been ordered.

So you mean I've got to gain at least 35 pounds to join the club? Where did
I hide that box of See's.

Matt Knowles - matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Aesthetic Design & Photography - (707) 786-4643

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