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Re: Reg Pridmore CLASS

>Well, I have to admit, the Pridmore School named CLASS
>is extremely well named.
>I got a call from Reg himself yesterday.
>He called to thank me for the video tape I sent,
>and we spent a few minutes talking about my
>riding as witnessed from the tape during the Laguna
>Seca class in November.

I agree with everything you said about Reg and his school. I took the 
Chronologically Challenged CLASS at the Streets of Willow Springs in 
November, on my Sprint RS.  Reg and his instructors are all class 
acts, and very good teachers.

Reg even called to thank me for sending an e-mail about my experience 
at his school. I'm going back, and taking my wife with me, next 
spring. If you're looking to become a better street rider  Reg's 
school is an excellent place to learn.
- -- 
Darron Spohn

"I was born yesterday but I stayed up late last night."
Gary P. Nunn

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