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Re: Reg Pridmore CLASS

>Is Reg still actively teaching?  When I took CLASS a few years ago
>at the Seattle track (SIR), he said that he probably wouldn't be teaching
>the following year.  So I thought Jason took it over but recently I
>read that Jason has his own school...

Reg taught morning classroom sessions at the Streets of Willow 
Springs on Nov. 3, then let an instructor take over while he went out 
on the track to give people rides on his Honda VFR 800.

Jason's school is the Star Motorcycle School, 
http://www.starmotorcycle.com. I hope to attend a couple of days at 
his school next year. I've heard the pace is faster, and Jason 
concentrates more on racing techniques than street techniques.
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Darron Spohn

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Gary P. Nunn

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