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Holiday Wishes / Requests


Hope everyone has a safe and happy Holiday - be it Christmas, Chanukah, 
Kwanzaa, the final days of Ramadan, an Old Celtic Winter Festival.....

Take a break form all the craziness and spend some quality time with 
friends and family. For those of us in warmer climes - get out and ride....

For those in colder areas, well.....


For those of you off on holidays for several days / a week etc.

- - If you have a free mail address that you get this list delivered to, you 
probably have a storage limit - you may want to unsub before leaving.

- - For those of you that need to use "Out of office" replies - please set to 
"once per email address" or remove yourself from the list while gone. My 
server has already been bombarded by a few users that left theirs set to 
respond to every email....


- - Eric aka "Weasel Dawg"

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