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Re: New file uploaded

> On 22 Dec 2000, at 20:00, Robert Head wrote:
> >
> > Is that the Bixby Bridge?
> Yes, it is.  I'm afraid the quality of the picture is not great; I had
> one of those throw away cameras, which does not produce very
> good pictures.

Cool......I have a thing for bridges....new ,old and interesting. Went to
the Bixby in July when Jenna and I were there for the Laguna Seca WSB
races.Not on a bike though. Hope to do that some day.

If you are interested in lighthouses and you get a chance check out Point
Sur which is in the area...and restaurants....Nepenthe'(i thinks thats
correct).....also the old coast road,which starts there at the Bixby. I
think it could be done on a bike.


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