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Re: heat

> In a message dated 12/25/00 9:56:52 PM Pacific Standard Time, Paul S.
> << I have to put in my $.02 here. Since I spent a great deal of time with
>  a fairing (Sprint SS) I have to say I feel qualified to say that the bike
>  hotter with the fairing off for the rider and cooler for the passenger.
> Uh, are you talking about your Buell here or what?  Half fairing? I'm
> unclear, whats a Sprint SS?  What frame of reference are you basing your
> comment?  The topic was comments on removing the 2 bottom most fairing
> on a 99/00 Triumph Sprint ST.
> Ken T. from Ca.
> "tossed aside like cheap truck stop fare"

Sorry Ken, should have been more clear. My ST fell on it's side early in the
year and I elected to cut off the center section turning it into a cross
between an ST and RS (SS?). I put about 20,000 miles one it like that. I
have recently (due to deer collision) replaced the fairing panels so the
only know Sprint SS is gone. Now the Buell!! I could write a book on those
beasties (horror story).

Paul & Dee

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