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RE:ScottOiler Tee Connector

You really ought to get the part from Scottoiler. If you take vacuum at 
their specified location, and it leaks you will have problems with the idle 
and more important your dealer Warrantee could be voided. The hose that you 
splice into is corrugated plastic. Did I mention use Scottoilers Tee?

Good luck,
00 ST

>From: "Brad Applegate" <wamphyri@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: ScottOiler Tee Connector
>Could someone tell me what size connector I'll need for the ST and if I
>can find it at a hardware store? When I bought the unit I didn't know about
>the extra part.
>When the elves finally bring my shiny new front sprocket it will be a good
>time to finally install the oiler too.
>Brad "Deviled Dawg" Applegate
>'00 Sapphire Blue Sprint

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