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re: Aerostich or Triumph Aspen?

>  From: owner-st@xxxxxxxxxx (by way of Eric Sheley <Eric@xxxxxxxxxx>), on
12/27/2000 10:42:
>  From: "Mike Ciebien" <rockymtnmoto@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>  To: ST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>  Subject: Re: Aerostich
>  Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 07:34:34 -0800
>  Dear Jim,
>  Before you spend your money, check out the new Triumph Aspen, 1pc suit. I
>  saw a preproduction until at the NEC in the UK and was very impressed.
>  Better looking than the Aerostich and has way better features. The
>  ventilation, liner, cut and fit seem far superior. I met the gal who
>  designed them and she has been over the Areostich with a fine tooth comb and
>  it really seems that she's come up with a superior product. I checked out
>  how the waterproofing was done and I think it will be at least as good as
>  the Aerostich, I suspect better as all the seams are seam sealed and it has
>  been tested in some pretty rainy conditions. Decent armour also.

	Sounds good. How is it for getting in and out of? I have a Belstaff
jacket and Joe Rocket pants with good armor and excellent weather protection,
but it takes a couple of minutes to get into. I've seen people don a one piece
Aerostich in seconds, which is part of the attraction for me.

>  I was on the verge of ordering Aerostiches for all our guides and have
>  decided to go with the Triumph suit after seeing it at the show. As for the
>  high vis color on the Aerostich, I'll quote a customer of ours who wore one
>  last summer: "It gets dirty faster than a newborn's diaper." It looks OK
>  new, but looks old FAST!

	I suspected something that bright would show dirt almost instantly. I
also figure cordura would wipe off fairly easily. I've seen a number of faded
Aerostich suits, too, though.

>  The new Aspen suit can be seen in the 2001 Triumph Accesories Catalog. It
>  will probably be another month or two before they are available at the
>  dealer.

	I'll take a serious look at it. If it's not quick and easy to get into,
though, I'll probably stick with the 'stich.

Thanks for all the info,


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