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Re: Suits

> Thoughts and suggestions including alternatives are welcomed.

Hello Bill.

I am still undecided for cold weather gear but in the summer I use a Vanson
full perf jacket with hard armor and back protector.......hot ......yes...
and this is where the camel back comes in handy.For the holidays I received
the Vanson perf pants but have yet to ride with the pants.I have used a rain
suit over the jacket and an electric vest in an emergency when I was caught
in Arkansas when a cold front arrived(96 on sat......40 on sun.)This worked
well.I find the jacket works well in Texas summers. Keeping the sun off the
skin really helps .Yes I sweat a lot but is a small price to pay for saving
the skin.The Vansons come in several different colors. I have a black jacket
but I think Richard and Lisa White as well as others on the list use the

I have decided that there is no such animal as a "do all " suit.

I am looking at Dainese,Aerostitch and Triumph gear for colder weather.

Dallas Texas

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