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Triumph Aspen Suit

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The new Aspen suit can be seen in the 2001 Triumph Accesories Catalog. It
will probably be another month or two before they are available at the

Mike Ciebien
Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Holidays
www.rockymtnmoto.com >>
Have you ridden in really hot weather with the Aspen Suit? Does it have vents 
to allow air to go up the sleeves, in the front, and out the Back? The 1995 
Triumph Riding suit I got had no nents, and no way to restrain the mandarin 
collar from flapping in my face when the front was unzipped. I took it to 
Stark Manufacturing in Chula Vista, California, and had them put in a lot of 
vents, velcro to hold the cuff flaps down when open and snap fasteners to 
hold the collar flaps down, and it is now usable in 100 F weather. Dave 
Collins, San Diego

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