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Re: Aftermarket Can

At 12:08 AM 12/30/00 -0800, lowedaph@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>Fitting any non Triumph part on your bike invalidates the factory warranty.

This is going to vary by country / state. In the US, your warranty is not 
invalidated by the fitting of an aftermarket part, unless Triumph can prove 
that said part caused the failure that you are seeking warranty coverage for.

For instance if you had a cam chain failure, they could not say you were 
out of warranty because of an aftermarket exhaust. However, if you had a 
cracked header and they could show that it was due to the mounting of your 
aftermarket exhaust, then you might be out of luck.

I know that the UK is much more restrictive - I have no idea on Australia 
where Rick is located.

- - Eric

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