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Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 19:08:45 -0800

Happy New Year to all of you. I had the good fortune to take my ST out for a
ride today, and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. This is not one of
those "It's great in California and to bad about where you live", it's about
the joy of riding these fantastic bikes. I purchased my bike in May and rode
it almost everyday up until October. Then I rode it only a couple times a
week. Lately it's been about once every two weeks. The week after
Thanksgiving I took a week off from work and rode all over Sonoma and Marin
counties and staying with friends to avoid motel costs. But today was
something different, I can't tell why, but  for some reason it was special.
I rode on familiar roads and I pushed it a little harder than I did on my
week trip. The bike today responded as though it was an extension of my
body. I felt in complete control, (probably not that good of a thing) but I
kept within my limits. As I approached the turn off just before my home, I
hit a little frost on the road that I did not see while I was braking (front
and rear) and down shifting, and the back end slipped out very wide. I LIKED
IT! Then as I got my self back in control, I began to accelerate and the
back wheel spun a little on some more frost. Then I knew it was time to
settle down and get this thing home safe and sound. So, I did. It is crazy
these bikes and I love every minute. I can't get enough. My wife says that
she doesn't remember me getting this excited when I started racing cars 15
years ago. I can tell you this, at this moment, there is nothing that
compares to the joy I feel riding the ST. I hope that everyone reaches the
same level of fulfillment that I experience on my bike and I hope to share
this joy with as many of you throughout this coming year as possible.
I would like to get together with any of you who live in the Northern
California area. I live in the Burney (50 miles east of Redding), which is
about 5 hours north of Sacramento or the Bay area. I don't mind riding down
to those areas to ride with fellow ST'rs.
2K Red Sprint ST
Tall wind screen
Panniers and top box
took off the Heli bars
two home made exhaust cans, one mellow and one loud.

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