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Help! Heat problem

Hope someone out there can help on this.  I love this bike's handling,
performance, comfort and looks.  But I'm having serious doubts about keeping
it if my legs continue to get roasted like on the last few rides....

I bought my ST in the last days of 1999,  and as I live in the Northeast,
the last few weeks have been my first experience riding the Sprint in warm
weather.  The last few rides have me very concerned that I'll be able to use
this bike much in the coming months.  

As an example, yesterday the temp was in the mid 80's when I rode home from
work.  The first couple of miles was stop and go, 1st gear only type
driving.  My legs are starting to get warm. Then another 10 or so miles of
25 - 40mph driving with occasional stop lights, and moderate traffic. By the
end of this, my legs are hot!  I can only bear it by having my knees
sticking out flapping in the breeze - not my favorite riding position.
Final part of the ride is about 12 miles on a highway at 60 -70mph.  This is
more comfortable, but my legs are still darned hot.  By the time I park my
bike, the frame rails under my legs and even the plastic body work next to
it is too hot to touch for more than a second or two.   

All through the ride (and as usual), the temp gauge never moved more than a
fraction off the "Cold" mark.  And the radiator fan (as far as I could tell)
didn't come on until I parked it and turned the motor off.  

Is this a common problem, and is there a fix for it (besides ripping off all
the bodywork)?  I'm really hoping I don't hear "they all do that" or "that's
normal".  If that's the case, it seems to me to be a real manufacturing
defect.  How can I use the bike for its intended purpose if its too hot to
ride comfortably 3 - 4 months of the year??

Any input, suggestions, comiserations, etc would be appreciated.


Mort Harries  [I'm sure "Hot Dawg" is taken, but it sure seems appropriate
right now! :-)]
Haworth NJ

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