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I picked up the ST Saturday morning, and all I can say is, "wow".  I love 
this bike (haven't heard that before, have you?).

It was nearly a 300 mile ride home, so I stopped every 40-50 miles to let 
the engine cool.  The first 100 miles, at max 3500 RPM, was rough (up to 60 
or 65 in 6th gear), but I got great gas mileage.  I wasn't expecting the 
fuel gauge to work properly, so I planned on stopping for gas at around 170 
miles.  The first fill-up was near the dealer.  The next stop for gas was 
at 150 miles.  The fuel gauge was just below the "full" mark at that 
point.  To my surprise, it only took 2.5 gallons to fill up the tank (is 
~70 MPG unheard of?).  Now the bike has about 370 miles, still on that 2nd 
fill-up, and the fuel gauge is showing about 3/4 full (I don't believe it, 
though) - time for some gas.

As for the heat issue, blue must be cooler  ;^)   I rode a red ST December, 
and noticed the heat on my right leg within the first 1/2 mile.  I didn't 
feel that heat on my legs (wearing jeans) all weekend... just some extra 
warmth under my rear - I don't know if that was the engine heat or just 
that I was excited.

I even got cut off by a cage on the first day owning the bike.  It made a 
right turn from a side street right in front of me.  Thankfully, the lane 
to my left was clear.

On to shifting:  I read in the owners manual that this bike has neutral, 
but I have yet to find it.  But, seriously, after coming to a stop in first 
gear, the shift level won't budge.  A couple times, I've been able to roll 
forward or back a bit and get it into 2nd, then ease it down into 
neutral.  If I'm moving, shifting has mostly been no problem (found a false 
neutral between 4th and 5th twice over the weekend, but I blame that on 
lazy shifting).

I bought a rear hugger (plastic - haven't installed it yet), and ordered 
the Triumph carbon fiber pipe.  The dealer had one in stock that they 
thought was for an ST, so they attempted to install it, only to find that 
the attaching bracket was in the wrong place... obviously for a different 
bike.  We fired it up anyway, just to hear how it sounds, and I'm 
hooked.  Can't wait to get the pipe.

That's all for now... better try to get some work done today.

- -- Dan
- -- Blue '00 ST
- -- Longmont, CO

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