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re: heat problem

>  If heat is a problem, a bellypanectomy is the solution!

Seems to me that if removing the belly pan fixes the heat problem then the heat
must be radiating up from the collector area, not the headers. That would also
explain why it only occurs when stopped. Air moving through the fairing would
push the heat out the bottom on it's own. Does anyone know if the 955i Daytona
has the same problem? It's pipes are exposed at the bottom, outside the
bellypan. Perhaps a fan could be fitted to push the hot air out of the bottom
of the fairing instead of allowing it to rise up through the inside of the
fairing to the rider's legs.

Just a thought,

	"Jedi Dawg"  Jim Huber
	'00 blue ST  "Rhiannon"
	Spring, Texas, USA

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