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Re: GPS mountings

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Jenkins <jeff.jenkins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

  Jeff> I looked through their mounts and didn't see anything that seemed
  Jeff> appropriate for the sprint, but could be wrong...  all the mounts seemed to
  Jeff> be handlebar mounted and we have neither the space nor the mirror mounts to
  Jeff> attatch them to as far as I can tell.  Is there a particular mount you know
  Jeff> to work on a sprint?  I have both a GPS and a radar detector I'd like to
  Jeff> mount, preferably the radar locator.

  Yeah, none of the ones I've seen will mount nicely on the sprint.  I 
was thinking (since I have the GenMar risers on) that I could get
some sort of expansion plug that would fit in the hole in the top of
the bar if I removed the spring clip aluminum plug that is there now.

  If I get around to building something, I'll drop a picture on the

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- -jong

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