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RE: Headlights

For all those stuck in the 2000 x 1 headlight syndrome, I managed to get the
necessary relays from my dealer today. 2 minutes to fit them both and "et
voila", 2 headlights!!

The relay sockets are mounted above and behind the RH headlight. Visible
from the rh side of the fairing. Should see two rubber relay sockets. Relays
are push fit!

For those interested the Triumph Pt No is T2500234 and they cost £5.29 each
plus the obligatory VAT!

the nice guys in the workshop checked the Dip/Main beam alignment at the
same time and they are both fine, without any adjustment.

Just need a decent dark night to check if I can see where I am going now.

Dave McCarthy

Had enough, gone out on the bike!!!

Had enough, gone out on the bike!!!
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In the Belgium appendix of Triumph's Torque magazine Triumph says it is
possible (with their connector) to have both headlights working together.
They also say that you have to readjust the lense for dipped beam. Anyone
did this ? How ?

Red 99 ST

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