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Headlights again !

>From: "David McCarthy" <dave.mac@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
>Subject: Headlights - Again!! 
>The relay sockets are mounted above and >behind .the RH headlight. Visible from the rh >side of the fairing. Should see two rubber >relay sockets. Relays are push fit! 

Thanks David, just checked and there they are, must order the relays now. Have you had chance to try them in the dark yet, did you get any drivers flashing you etc. Also took a note of the lenses which are 90-1091-R and 90-1091-L, can anybody confirm if the UK '99 bikes have the same lenses ?
While searching around under the fairing I noticed a electrical connector hanging about doing nothing that has 3 wires (black, blue and purple). Anybody know what this is intended for ?

Bye for now



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