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RE: Throttle respone on downshifting

If it turns out to be something really simple, I'll be really happy.  I just
wish that more people with both '99 and '00 STs would provide some input to
this discussion.


I wasn't paying much attention to this thread simply because I didn't seem
to be having problems during my downshifting...however, I think I've
experienced a slight problem that may be similar if not the same.

Sometimes, when I've slowed to a near stop and I'm waiting to make a turn,
I'll blip the throttle a little with the idea to get the revs up prior to a
hard launch...and the bike will nearly stall for a moment. It seems that if
I blip the throttle too fast and too short, the ECU doesn't seem to handle
it too well. I'm learning to simply not get on the gas until I'm really
ready to go and the clutch is out.

Is this what you're talking about?


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