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Re: Fuel Sender and False Neutral Issues

Jim Wright wrote:
> The first is, I believe, the dreaded fuel sender problem, but I want to
> confirm this.

Yup, common problem. Supposedly fixed by the latest senders, but there
have been a number of leaks associated with installing those senders.

> The second thing is that today on a ride I got false neutrals several times
> under acceleration, either between 4th and 5th or between 5th and 6th.

I've never hit a false neutral on my Y2K ST, and I don't believe it's a
common thing. Given that, I'd look at your shifting technique and see if
you're really pulling up on the shifter all the way. These trannys are
tough to shift at the outset, so that might be causing your problem. The
next thing you could do is adjust the shifter and see if that helps. As
a last resort, have the dealer try to duplicate the symptom or adjust

Good luck!

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Blake Sobiloff <sobiloff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Burlingame, CA, USA

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