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re: GPS mountings for the Sprint

Check out these guys. http://www.cycoactive.com .They make a lot of stuff
used by my dual sporting pals, and I have heard nothing but good things
about them and the guy that owns the place (Tom Myers) seems to be on the
balll as well. I don't know if their stuff would work for your intended use,
but heck, why not check anyway?

Sorry it took so long to respond, but I was in Moab UT with the KLR gang for
the Annual Dual Sport Owners' group Get-Together. I have been thinking on
scoring a GPS also, and if it will work on both my scoots, all the better.

All the best,
CA Stu
Stuart Mumford
99 KLR650 A13
99 Sprint ST

PS Great work on the archive search stuff, Thank You for that.

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