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Intro; Re: broken ST

D.M. Lowe writes:
 > Hi,
 > I joined the list and didn't post an intro since I just planned to
 > lurking here. But I felt compelled to reply to a post so I guess I
 > should introduce myself. I recognize a few of the names from the
 > other Triumph lists. I own a 99 Speed Triple, which of course has
 > the same engine as the Sprint, so alot of the problems are going to
 > be similar.

    Welcome :-)

 > Re: broken ST
 > The same thing happened with my bike. I parked it overnight, and
 > the next day it wouldn't start. Same symptoms as you. I tried to
 > jump it to no avail.  Changed the fuses. Checked the
 > connections. Didn't help. Turns out it was a faulty wiring
 > harness. Replaced under warrantee.

    Well, as I'm about to post in my detailed diagnosis I suspect my
wiring loom and in particular the way it's routed around the

    How many miles did it take for your problem to show up?  My bike
has just over 21,000 miles on it.

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