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[ST] Tea bags and stuff

>Or maybe it's because you live in England where Triumph's are made and
>we are across the Atlantic Ocean where Triumph dealers are rare and 
> >becoming
>rarer. Dealers are not thrilled with Triumph's inability to get them >parts 
>in a timely manner.

My dealer told me the reason for the high attrition rate among dealers is 
due to the fact that Triumph did not scrutinize who would be dealers when 
they first entered the US market.  In other words, it was very easy to 
become a Triumph dealer.  The one's who are dying out are the one's that put 
no effort into it.  Sales figures were very good last I heard.  Dealer 
claims Triumph is doing a better job of franchising now. His words, not 

At my local Big 4 shop this is happening with Ducati.  No one there cares 
about the Duc's -  they are too busy selling GSX-R's to squids...er, I mean 
younger riders. You can't even buy spark plugs without ordering them.  They 
are dropping the line.


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