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Re: [ST] ThrottleMeister

At 01:58 AM 8/7/01 -0400, Eric Drayer wrote:
>If anybody who has installed these can shed some light I would be ever
>grateful (and even buy a beer for at the Pisgah).

You've got yourself a deal....

>Are the shims for both sides or just the throttle side?

While you can use them on both, they are only needed on the right 
(throttle) as that is the only one that spins.

>How many shims did you need....will this be consistant from bike to bike?

three - one thick and two thin. Yes it will vary (at least it will for mine 
as I had to cut my spacer - they sent one too long for the ST)

>Any other usefull tips?

#1 - use thin spacers over 1 thick one if possible. Over a period of time, 
you may need to remove one to tighten up the gap. This happened to me in 
the middle of a 4,000 mile trip - instead of searching around for new 
shims, I was able to remove one thin one and be back on the road in minutes...

#2 - if you have heated grips, you do not need to use the supplied hard 
sleeve as the heated grips have a hard plastic core that works really well 
as a friction contact.

Troubleshooting: (in case you are putting them on late at night or after 
too many brews)

1 - if you cannot rotate throttle side, first check for gap between 
throttle and throttlemeister. If there is a gap proceed to step 4.
2 - if there is no gap, remove throttlemeister and add shims - if rotates 
now proceed to step 5
3 - If you are here from step two, you are a moron and have placed the left 
dummy slug on the right side. Swap and proceed to step 5.
4 - Try twisting the unit in the other direction. As a last resort, see #3 
5 - You're done!! If you have been drinking or it is late (which would be 
the only valid reasons for reading this in the first place), do not take 
the bike for a test ride, do not start the bike to test on the centerstand, 
nor should you attempt to operate any heavy machinery. Zero percent finance 
offer is only valid for 6 months - if balance is not paid at the end of the 
promotional period, the accrued interest will be added to you account. Your 
mileage may vary. Attach extra postage for oversized envelopes....

Hope that helps

- -Eric

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