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[ST] Ontario roads

I'm taking a loop around the Great Lakes this weekend and the Iron Butt
Association happened to have recently added the Great Lakes Great Circle
Tour to their list of rides.  So instead of everyone questioning my sanity
for going on a 2500 mile 3 day ride just because I wanted someplace to ride,
I can now tell them I did it earn a certificate!  The route is planned with
the exception of a portion of Ontario.  In Nipigon I can either take TC11
east along the northerly route or TC17 east along the southerly route.  Both
join back up at North Bay.  There is only about 20 miles or so difference
between the two.

So I was wondering if anyone has ridden either/both and would have an
opinion as to which would be better (faster, more scenic, etc.).  Thanks.

Doug Bailey  "Hound Dawg"

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