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[ST] Road test: MC News: '02 Daytona

	RIGHT now, our road testers are for the first time putting
	Triumph's all-new Daytona triple up against two of its
	rivals in the hearts and minds of the buying public: the
	Honda FireBlade and the Ducati 996S. And the early signs
	are that the Hinckley factory have turned out a machine
	which can truly take the big-bore sports bike fight to the
	Japanese and Italian giants.

	Adam Morrissey, leading the test on the three wildly
	different bikes, said: " Each of these bikes takes a very
	different approach to just about every aspect of cracking
	the sportsbike nut. The engines, the frames, the noises
	they make and the philosophy behind the bikes are all very
	different, but they are still so close in terms of performance.

	" It's too early to give final conclusions, but initial
	impressions are that the Triumph has the gruntiest engine
	of the three, one which sounds great and is easily more
	powerful than the bike it replaces.  

	" The Blade is the revviest of the lot as you'd expect,
	and I'd say it feels as if it turns a little sharper than
	the Triumph, though we'll be analysing that more. Also, as
	you'd expect, the Ducati is the one which attracts the most
	attention but it's run a close second by the Daytona which
	while nowhere near as flashy as the Duke is still getting
	its fair share of admiring looks from other bikers. We'll
	just have to see how it all pans out as the test goes on.

	The full test and final conclusions will be in next week's
	printed copy of MCN.

Maybe Santa will bring me one

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